Seminar Fee


Hire Doug to speak at your Seminar or Workshop

  1. $3,000 per day (current price – subject to change at Doug’s discretion) which includes travel days and the actual seminar day(s)
  2. Travel expenses which include air/rail/vehicle travel and lodging (excluding meals)
  3. Fee excludes travel days, which are $1,000 for any one-way flights longer than 6 hours
  4. Travel to and from the motel
  5. Travel to and from the seminar
  6. Seminar duration will be from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 3 hours per day
  7. Any auxiliary support items such as a projector, audio equipment, fitness equipment, etc., will be at the expense of the seminar promoter
  8. Any additional expenses such as private consultation, additional fees or taxes, etc., will be an additional payment to Doug agreed upon by all parties involved
  9. Any additional presentations, seminars, fitness group discussion, etc., requests for Doug to perform but not discussed and agreed upon by Doug prior to the original seminar/presentation will be at the sole discretion of Doug as to whether or not he wants to participate
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