Train with Doug

This is video of my actual workouts!

My workout consists of a "3-Way Split" routine.

This means that I do 3 separate workouts, during which I work all 22 muscles I intend to work.

I do 6 muscle groups (six exercises) on Day One; 6 muscle groups (6 exercises) on Day Two; and 10 muscle groups (10 exercises) on Day Three.

These videos allow you to see the following: 

  1. Which exercises I do (which of the "BRIG-20" I most favor)
  2. How I do them (exercise form)
  3. How I set them up (bench / machine settings)
  4. How much intensity I use (percentage of maximum effort / proximity to failure)
  5. How many sets and reps I do
  6. How much time I take between sets

You can purchase the entire Workout Split (i.e., the 3 workout days), or you can purchase two muscle groups at a time:

  1. Pecs and Lats
  2. Middle Trapezius and Calves
  3. Glutes and Medial Deltoids
  4. Anterior Deltoids and Posterior Deltoids
  5. Triceps and Biceps
  6. Quadriceps and Upper Trapezius
  7. Hamstrings and Hip Flexors
  8. Abs and Erector Spinae ("lower back")
  9. Obliques and Forearms (flexors and extensors)
  10. Infraspinatus (external shoulder rotator) and Neck (front and back)

Pectorals and Lats

Middle Trapezius & Calves

Glutes & Side Deltoids

Anterior Deltoids & Posterior Deltoids

Triceps & Biceps

Quadriceps & Upper Trapezius

Hamstrings & Hip Flexors

Abs & Erector Spinae

Obliques & Forearms

External Shoulder Rotator & Neck (front & back)

Choice #11
Doug's Full Workout!

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Doug Brignole's latest book is in print!

"The Physics of Resistance Exercise"

"When I first heard of Doug Brignole’s book, I thought it would be a useless dissertation by a person with few credentials. Well, let me tell you I was wrong. His book has stretched my brain cells and taught me many new things about exercise…I wish this book had been available in my younger years. It would have improved my training methods."

Dr. Stanley W. Morey, Ph.D. Physiologist

Book cover 'The Physics of Resistance Exercise'

Bodybuilding Champion

Doug Brignole is a veteran competitive bodybuilder, fitness (“biomechanics”) expert, author and public speaker.

Throughout his competitive career—which spans over 40 years—he has won numerous bodybuilding titles, including 1982 AAU Mr. America (medium tall division) and 1986 AAU Mr. Universe (light heavy weight division).

He has authored numerous magazine articles and co-authored a university sociology book (“Million Dollar Muscle”). His most recent book—“The Physics of Resistance Exercise”—is endorsed by ten PhD professors (i.e., exercise science, physics, neurobiology, biomedical engineering and paleoanthropology), plus three orthopedic surgeons.

He has conducted seminars throughout the US, as well as abroad, including Japan, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Norway.